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I am an animator, artist and trying to be a musician. But still have not enough time to do anything :P
Anyway stay tuned, maybe I will make something interesting in future

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Experimenting with light

Posted by StHeromax - January 7th, 2019

   Hello everybody, I was working on the movie and suddenly decide to experiment with the light
   So the result is that the light is not the sprite part and it can be animated, for example, if there are a moving source of light but flash lags with it as hell, even when you move the sprite with such light
   Actualy it is one of the filters for movie clip fragments (sorry, I don't know how is it called in english version of flash), pretty old thing, which is used very seldom
   How it looks like (1 - with light and 2 - the original) and yes, I understand, that it would be better to show such thing in test, but I am to lazy to do that, so screenshots would be enough for now :D :


   It is not the final version of this thing, so any advice would be helpful

   I'm interested what do you think about it, so you are free to comment, cya


Comments (4)

Light looks amazing, but I don't like new characters models srry.

Hm, thanks so, gonna work on light further then, but what don't you like in my models?

@Prov22 @StHeromax hands are just giant, legs are not connected to body as in classic mc. idk at all I like only classic models if talk about mc

Oh ok, I can understand that, about me, dunno, I am maybe a bit bored of standart Krinkles sprites, they are good, but I just don't want to use them myself, so I made my own sprite pack. And hands are a bit giant yeah, I think I will change them later, but for now they're not that bad. As about legs... Ya know, I am trying to make sort of Xionico like style that's why they are not connected like hands. Such legs make some advanteges in animation like leg kick or make you feel that enemy is staying on his knees, which is hard to make with usual placement and they are simplier to animate for me

@Prov22 @StHeromax I never liked Xionic style tbh, but do as you like. It's your content and you makes decisions here. Gudluck

Heh, thanks. Good luck for you too

nice style