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I am an animator, artist and trying to be a musician. But still have not enough time to do anything :P
Anyway stay tuned, maybe I will make something interesting in future

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StHeromax's News

Posted by StHeromax - December 25th, 2018

   Merry Christmas! 


(the image created inspired by burtjack's last post picture)

  Ok this my last post for this year, so, also I wish a Happy New Year and spent your holidays well

   So as about the progress and other things

   Firstly I almost complete the sprite list and maybe I will upload it on Madness Day 2019, so, if you suddenly want to have my sprites, you will get them then, but it still needs a lot of work

   Secondly I won't upload any movie before the MD. I just have understood that I can't produce with such speed I have right now, furtermore my quality of animation is far not ideal but making in hurry way makes it even worse.
But at least I would upload arts during next year, so stay tuned!

   Oh and yeah, if somebody will see this post, it would be great if you would write what story or animation cliches are unwelcome in madness right now, it could be your own opinion or somebody's else

   So that's all, see ya sometime

Posted by StHeromax - December 11th, 2018

   Hey, hey, hey, at first I made a new art of my OC, you can see by this link:https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/stheromax/max-and-the-mask-spirit

  And I have a plan to post something alse before the New Year, but the chance of it shrinks like my free time, so you can wait, but I can't promise anything
And I don't when I will post the next animation or smth, I have some ideas, but my great animation skill and free time say that it's too early to do something very serios, of course animations wouldn't be absolutly pontless, but don't expect very much

And 16 fans already, I am surprised that at least anybody interested in my creations, thank you

That's all for now, see ya sometime


Posted by StHeromax - November 2nd, 2018

  It is a little addition to the last post
I have reuploaded tests on youtube because there was some troubles with animation speed


And hey, there are 10 fans already, thanks you guys!


Posted by StHeromax - October 31st, 2018

   So, hello everybody, I have some news for you

At first I finally finished my OC:


As you see I already changed sprites style, but then happend a thing... I remember about xionic madness, again get very much inspiration from it and created THIS 


I still don't know for sure, if i will use these new feet and hands, because these hands are difficult to animate, but it looks some way better

Here is some tests with my new sprites ( enemy weapons by shootdacheese, smoke by Cethic, oc body and masks based on dudingdarn's sprites, legs - based on xionico ones, some blood by Djjaner, hope I remember everybody)

(srry for no sound, still searching for good sound libraries):







   And yeah... about music... Hmm, it is... not so good for now... I mean at all, of coarse I wouldn't abandon music creating, but it will take a lot of time, a lot more than animating so. Still hope to make some music this year and for this I will work hard

   Now about my solo movie. I think, I will creat a first episode at least in years or two, in this period I will try to make some shorts or take part in some collabs.
Progress with solo movie is going slow, need to think a lot about story, because I don't want to make just pointless action like last time, need to create some new enemies, weapons, sprites, etc, etc, etc...


   It's all for now, of coarse you're wellcome to comment (If I have some mistakes, don't pay attention, or correct me if you want)

                    Happy / spooky halloween, if you celebrate it

                              Good Luck!